Lance Metz Quotes

Lance Metz Quotes

“Mountains mirror life. No matter what life throws at you, just keep climbing”

“When you feel you can go no further, you have only scratched the surface of what you are truly capable of.”

“Mountaineering strips you of all your materialistic worries and makes you appreciate the true values of what life offers”

“Mountains are like women, respect them and they will show you warmth and love but disrespect them and they will show no mercy.”

“When your body feels as though it cannot go on anymore you start climbing with your head – your mind is the most powerful tool you own”

“If you are peeing in a bottle and either burying your shit or carrying it and you actually stop caring – you must be climbing a mountain”

“There are no boundaries except the ones we impose on ourselves and the mind can push the body beyond what you ever thought possible.”

“A mountain is a fierce creature, it can vanquish those who disrespect it and mercilessly test those who honour it”

“Physically, mountaineers ascend to unimaginable heights. Mentally, mountaineers breakthrough unimaginable boundaries. “

“The courage of a mountaineer is not measured by his ability to summit the mountain; it is measured by how he climbs it.”

“It is not really on the summit of a mountain that one feels your true accomplishments but rather when you are home back safely and you reflect on what you have just accomplished – it is then that you feel completely empowered”

“What other sport can offer you hours of intense boredom interrupted by moments of sheer fun and the occasional moments of sheer terror?”

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