About Me

My Goal: To stand on the highest point of each continent.

I am officially the youngest person in South Africa and the African Continent  to stand on the summit of Carstenz Pyramid in Indonesia and Mt Vinson in Antartica.  I became the youngest South African to summit the North Ridge of Mt Everest on 24th May 2010.

I am one of only two South Africans to climb above 8000m without the use of supplemental Oxygen.

My mountaineering experience includes:

  • Mt Kilimanjaro – 4 Summits
  • Mt Everest – 1 Summit
  • Mt Cho Oyu – 1 Summit
  • Mt Aconcagua – 1 Summit
  • Mt Elbrus – 1 Summit
  • Carstenz Pyramid – 1 Summit
  • Vinson Massif – 1 Summit

In July 2011 together with Varsity College, Johannesburg, South Africa, I broke a world record to become the first person to write a final examination on Mt Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. This was my 4th summit of Mt Kilimanjaro.

I still have to climb Mt Denali to complete the Seven Summits and upon completion would become the youngest African to stand on the highest point on every continent.

On the 7 May 2012 I attempted to reach the summit of Mt Cho Oyu  without the use of supplemental oxygen . I got up to 8100m with 100m to go before I had to strap onto my oxygen to complete my summit attempt.

I  currently use my  experiences through motivational speaking to encourage both young and old to never give up on their dreams

I have  been carrying up the “SHOUT” flag to the highest points of each continent, “shouting for a safer South Africa”. SHOUT is a trust founded by Danny K and Kabelo Mabalane to help give South Africans a voice in the fight against crime in South Africa.