• Summit of Mt Cho Oyu May 2012 8201m Sixth Highest Mountain in the World.

  • Summit of Aconcagua January 2011 Highest point in South America

  • Summit of Carstensz Pyramid 2007 Highest Point in Oceania

  • Summit of Mt Vinson December 2008/January 2009 Highest point in Antarctica

  • Summit of Mt Everest May  2010 Highest point in Aisia

  • Summit Mt Elbrus 2005 Highest Point in Europe

  • Fourth Kilimanjaro Summit 2011 with my Parents and Fiance Gabi Machame Route

  • Third Summit Kilimanjaro 2010 with my Father Michael Rongai Route

  • Second Summit Kilimanjaro 2006 with my Mother Vivienne  Machame Route

  • First Summit of Kilimanjaro 2004 Arrow Glacier Route with Stacey Barbaglia


Lance Metz Quotes

Lance Metz Quotes “Mountains mirror life. No matter what life throws at you, just keep climbing” “When you feel you...